Patient Reference Group

If you would like to be involved in the Patient Reference Group, please either:

• Download a form from the website (see below) and hand into Reception
• Ask Reception staff for a form to complete
• Email

• Speak to Vicky Ince the Practice Manager



* There is an obligation to ensure that the structure of the group is representative of all ages, sex, ethnicities etc so, please don't be disappointed if initially, we cannot include you - we will rotate members and will keep your details on file.


The practice has formed a patient participation/reference group via promotion within the practice, through posters, practice leaflet, website and verbal. It is primarily a virtual group; however, we do also promote non-electronic, paper registration if required.
The practice profile is 99.3% White British, with age range <16 18%, 16-64 61% and >65 21%. The practice gender being 52% male 48% female.
The profile of the current group has an age make up of 83% 18-64 and 17% >65. The gender make up is 34% male, 66% female. This group is 100% White British.

With access via the internet, we feel that this gives all age groups equal access and in some ways encourages younger patients more familiar with this media.
We are unable to affect the sex make up of our group as it has been equally advertised and the Ethnicity make up is in proportion to the locality.

Only a small % of patients agreed to participate in the group.
A survey was forwarded by e-mail to the group members.

The Survey results were as follows:

• 100% of responders had seen either the Doctor or the Nurse in the last three months.

• 25% of responders preferred to book appointments online

• 25% of responders preferred to book appointments by phone

• 50% of responders preferred to book appointments either by phone or online

• 25% of responders found it very easy to get through to the surgery on the phone

• 75% of responders found it fairly easy to get through to the surgery on the phone

• 100% of responders were able to get an appointment same day or within the next two weekdays when the surgery was open

• 75% of responders found it very easy to access the building

• 25% of responders found it fairly easy to access the building

• 75% of responders thought that patients could overhear in reception but did not mind

• 25% of responders thought that patients could overhear in reception and did mind

• 100% of responders found the Receptionists very helpful

• 75% of responders had to wait 5-15 mins to be seen by the Doctor and 25% 15-30 mins.

• 75% of responders were satisfied with the opening hours

• Responses below to the question - How good was the Doctor at each of the following?:-

Very Good
Neither Good or Poor
Very Poor
Doesn't Apply
Giving you enough time 100%          
Asking about your symptoms 75% 25%        
Listening 50% 50%        
Explaining tests & treatment 50%         50%
Involving you in decisions about your care 75% 25%        
Treating you with care and concern 100%          
Taking your problems seriously 75% 25%        

• The same questions as above were asked regarding the Practice Nurse. 100% responded Very Good to all questions

• 100% of responders found it very easy to get an appointment with both the Doctor & Practice Nurse.

• 100% of responders were very satisfied with the care they received at the surgery

• 100% of responders would recommend the surgery to someone who has just moved to the area.

Comments/Suggestions from the Survey & Surgery Response

Confidentiality at Reception

• All Patient chairs have now been moved into the back waiting room and away from the reception window and the Doctor and Nurse room.

• Notice also displayed advising patients not to sit on the stairs; this is also a Safety Issue.

• Private area to be made available for patients who wish to discuss sensitive issues away from the window.

• Playing of music currently suspended as it is sometimes difficult to hear the Doctor call in patients especially if hearing impaired. This will be reviewed in the coming year.

Changing of patient medication without consulting the patient

• This rarely happens unless a drug has been withdrawn or the Doctor has discussed with a patient. Patients will be notified in writing for any medication changes that haven’t previously been discussed with the Doctor.

Booking appointments/repeat prescriptions by phone – sometimes difficult to get through

• Surgery to look at installing an extra line on the telephone system, this will be in the action plan for 2015/16

• Patient on Line Access is available at the surgery. Patients can book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and view some of their medical records. Posters are displayed in the surgery, patients can ask at reception how they sign up for this service or via the website

Designated Disabled Bay & Disabled Access

• The door into the surgery can be difficult for wheelchair users to push/pull open, the feasibility of installing an automatic door will be included in the action plan for 2015/16

• To have a designated disabled parking area will also be included in the action plan for 2015/16

• The size and access to the patient toilet area is sufficient for wheelchair users

Action Plan for 2015-2016

• Review the playing of music

• Installation of another telephone line

• Disabled access and parking bay

• E-mail notifications for prescription request received

Small selection of positive comments received from the group

• “ Reception – unsung heroes”

• “great to see a doctor when you need to and never have to wait days”

• “ Dr cares & supports me, makes me smile when I am feeling too ill to smile”

• “Practice nurse is priceless, gentle , tactile & supportive”

• “Give the receptionist/Elaine praise and thanks because it cannot be easy sometimes”

This report has been loaded on the practice website and a poster is displayed in the waiting area and copies forwarded to all group members.

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